Nationwide Property Watch (NPW)

The perfect partner for Home or Travel Insurance

What is it?

Ok, if there was a flood, fire or burglary at your property while you were at work, on holiday or even out shopping how would the police or fire services contact you?

Wouldnt you want to know as soon as possible?

What about your possessions are they safe?

This add on provides the policy holder with an extra benefit where the emergency services can call the NPW hotline and obtain the householders contact details or one of their nominated contacts. There is no other way for them to contact the owner, the electoral roll only tells them who is registered there. In some cases (very few) the next door neighbour may be able to help. This simple add on solves the problem in one phone call.

Extra benefits

Also included is a FREE Locksmith Callout, this means there will be no call out charge saving up to £75, the customer only pays for parts and labour.

Also included is free registration to the National Serial Number Checker. So your customer can make an online Home Insurance Inventory and record all of their serial numbers.

Also included are 35 Lost & Found SuperTag labels for passports, mobile phones, mp3 players etc. beleive it or not people do hand these back in and the owner is reunited with their lost property. (saving on insurance claims!)

Not forgetting the 24/7 Emergency Property Watch hotline service.

Nationwide Property Watch