SuperTAG - Handbag

A great add on for Home or Travel insurance!

What is it?

Super Tag is a simple concept for returning lost property such as a Handbag, a set of keys, luggage etc. The unique tag attaches to just about anything, made from hard wearing metal coated with a clear resin. There are 2 hotline numbers, a Freefone number for the UK and an international one for items found abroad. The Super Tag has its own ID number which is linked to the owner. (1 is issued per customer)

The same principal applies to MP3 players, mobile phones, cameras and even passports but in the form of a label. 35 of these are sent as a free extra.

Ideal to be shared around the family.

It’s a great little add on!!

Click here for how the add on could be upsold, or what to say when building it in as a mandatory inclusion. You can discount this if you wish, but this will impact on your commission.

Lost Handbag Service