Family Alert

Ideal for just about any kind of insurance

Family alert is our clever little tag that can actually save lives and hours of wasted police man hours while they try and locate family in an emergency situation.

The tag is attached to the customers keys, in the event of there being an accident the police / paramedics are able to call the hotline numbers wherever they are in the world and speak to the operators to obtain the nominated family contacts. In some cases vital medical information can also be held, which could prove to be lifesaving.

On the back of the tag is a free lost key recovery service.

Also provided is a sticker for the mobile phone, a sticker for the passport for overseas travel and a membership ID card.

This really is a clever add on, there is also the opportunity to sell the family package at a later date to generate additional commission.

Click here for how the add on could be upsold, or what to say when building it in as a mandatory inclusion. You can discount this if you wish, but this will impact on your commission.

Family Alert Service